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Art Studio Singapore

Artist Tique Co Art Studio is a community of artists working side-by-side in a friendly environment that encourages and inspires artistic growth. We believe everyone has an artist inside them, looking to express himself and we want to help you find your artistic voice. Each and every one of our artists has experience in the studio and in the classroom meaning you get not only teachers with great art technique, but also great teaching technique too.


What We Envision

 To create a better world through a Happy Art Community 

To enable people to discover a fulfilling purpose and meaning in their lives, to  expose and widen their perceptions and experiences,  to use Art as a way for achieving wellbeing & attaining life goals


Our Artistic Values

A Home for Artists

We believe every artist needs an adequate space in which to create, and that space should inspire and support their creative process. We also understand how important it is for the place to have just the right environment, and that is what we strive to provide at Art Studio. If you’re looking for a place that nurtures your artistic journey, look no further: we’re here and we can’t wait to see what you can create.


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What They’re Saying

We started off very lost. Thinking just any how paint and past time. Philip is very patient, helpful and encouraging. Whatever picture we chose, he explains the steps to do and show us the way. He is friendly, approachable and hospitable. What we cannot see in the painting at the beginning, they all turn out to be reasonably well done at the end. I really love it. It’s enjoyable and time well spent. Thank you so much Philip and Artisttique. We must really thank Madelene and Philip for being so attentive and patient in guiding us in the painting. For once, I thought I picked a picture that I have no idea how to paint, and wondering whether to change. When Philip saw it, he thought I was very daring to pick this piece. It's too many colors with many hue and shades. However, with Madelene around she gave me a good start to appreciate the key colors and get on with the paint work. She also showed me the way to use the brushes and strokes so as to get the moon lighting up the dark lake. That was amazing! Then, I learnt two other secrets of putting the twinkle twinkle stars and removing the unwanted stars from the wrong places! Haha......and after 2 hours, I was impressed that I could came out with an art piece better than the picture! Thank God for the wonderful discovery and experience. Thank God for the two wonderful teachers and encouragements and all the lala team coming together to make this a memorable moment. Well done Artist Tique Co Art Studio.

Sin Kiat Yek 
Art Jamming Class

I love how their classes go in depth into the techniques which is really different from the other one-off classes I have been too. Raymond was not only professional and an expert at teaching watercolour, but also went out of the way to ensure each student understands the technique properly and the fun and art enjoyment behind of it. I would highly recommend this class to anyone! Very worth the amount for the lesson fees!

Wenna Chan
Watercolor Class

Open up your mind to new ways of thinking and possibilities. A must do experience if you're drawn towards abstract art. Immersive and meditative 2 day Vuca workshop in a serene environment. Learn to improvise and share in a group. Pleased with my end canvas result. Highly recommend!

Trevor Fernandes
VUCA Class

I had so much fun doing the marbling art session with my girlfriends as it was not only a good bonding time but also therapeutic as there is no right or wrong way of creating our art piece and we can just use our "feeling" to explore the art. The instructors are very professional and patience with us too.. Will definitely come back again for more therapeutic art bonding sessions with my girlfriends.. Thank you Philip and Mag..

Jessie Chong
Marbleize Art Class

I wanted to go to an art jamming studio that was peaceful and away from crowds to distress from my hectic schedule. The minute I entered Artist Tique Studio, I was so soothing to both the eyes and ears; I instantly fell in love. I thoroughly enjoyed myself painting and being lost in my thoughts that I didn't even realise 2 hours passed so quickly.
Angela was also very patient when guiding us whenever needed. She was so hospitable by bringing us around and sharing about the different art pieces and courses that they offer. Definitely coming back here soon for more!

Dhania Bahrim
Art Jamming Class

Went to Artist Tique Co Art Studio for a session of Japanese pastel painting. It was enjoyable, the instructors were very patient and helpful. Definitely going back for more!

Alicia Khaw
Magic Pastel Class

I came to know Mag Wong from an art course I took from her. I learnt from her valuable art skills and knowledge, particularly in mix-media art. It is an eye opener for me. I remember the lesson from her Botanic Art. At the start I have no idea of what I'll do. Grabbing and selecting from the pile of waste cloths, from that time, a picture started showing in my mind. From then onwards, with her guidance, a beautiful artwork was born. Matching the artwork with the indoor plants is a wonderful decorative for my house. I highly recommend this Botanic Art lesson to all of you. Thank you, Mag.

Antonius Mak 
Botanic Art

I attended the Paint Pet With Watercolour class yesterday with some fear and trepidation as I was going to attempt a white on white painting of my pet Maltese. I have been trying to do this on my own in vain.

My fears were unfounded. As soon as I arrived at the studio Angela and Raymond (teacher) made me feel right at home and the studio was calm and relaxing.

I had a really good time and enjoyed the class thoroughly. Raymond is an excellent teacher. His instructions were clear, simple and effective. He was patient and very encouraging. The ambience throughout the class was lighthearted without any striving at all. I had much fun painting and I was very surprised and really pleased with the painting that I accomplished! I received many compliments on it 

I will definitely consider the other classes offered by Artist Tique and I highly recommend this class to anyone who is keen on painting his pet.

Lam Chieh Ling
Paint Pet Watercolor Class


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